Las Vegas, NV – June 4, 2010 – In the wake of the social networking boom comes ZIKPOT.com, a social networking site designed to combat music piracy and help promote new acts. The web site is based on the idea of a “Music Stock Exchange.” While playing ZIKPOT’s stock market parody, users can discover the excitement of stock market trading and support the rise of new musical artists.

Music fans buy shares in their favorite artists using ZIKPOT’s virtual currency, the “i-dollar” (i$), then track the change in the value of their investments. The more well-known an artist becomes, the more i-dollars their shares will be worth. Artists who are already successful, such as Rihanna and Madonna, are safe bets; they can be expected to slowly increase in value, just like a blue-chip stock. To earn big profits, music fans must discover and invest in new and rising stars. These rising stars are easy to find as ZIKPOT.com is home to over 17,000 unsigned artists so far. When a music fan earns i-dollars through wise investments, they may then redeem their profits in the form of prizes!

ZIKPOT.com was born in response to the ongoing piracy problems faced by the music industry. Artists’ profits often suffer when their work is pirated on the internet. According to Aymeric Auffray, founder of ZIKPOT.com, the solution is “to interest the internet user in promoting the artist, and to allow music fans to become integral parts of an artist’s success.” The web site aims to predict new trends in the music market using the statistics gathered from the site; to promote new artists; and to encourage investment in new talent by music fans.

The creators of the ZIKPOT.com hope that music fans in the United States will be drawn to ZIKPOT.com by the prospect of discovering new music and winning prizes! In France, the ZIKPOT community already boasts 2.5 million page views per month, and has 60,000 members betting on more than 17,000 artists!

For more information, contact Aymeric Auffray at aymeric.auffray@zikpot.com or visit www.zikpot.com/us/FAQ.php.

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